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About Webb Dev

I’ve always worked within the fast paced world of technology, websites and IT. I’ve worked in IT support in companies large and small, helping companies in the UK and around the world focus on their business growth.

I keep up to speed with IT, technology and the ever changing environment of the internet; this helps me find my clients the best value for money solution for their needs. Business continuity is your peace of mind. If your systems go down, your organisation grinds to a halt quickly. Don’t take the risk.

About Webb Dev
Yes that’s me with my first computer!

Keeping Your Business Going with Expert IT Support and Web Design

What sort of business do you run? Who buys your products or services?

My commercial IT experience enables me to understand what YOU as a potential client may need. An accountancy practice requires different technology from a manufacturing company. Sole traders may have different needs entirely. Small companies’ IT infrastructures are as diverse as the sectors in which they operate. I can work with you on much more than the number of pcs you require or what sort of LAN (local area network) is best.

I’ll take into account your target market, industry type, size or organisation and business objectives to enable me to find the right solution for you.

Also, I’m an independent consultant, which means that I’m not tied to any particular product, organisation or supplier.

Websites that Work

If you need a website, I can create a clean, professional looking site that reflects your organisation and appeals to your demographic. I’ll make it visible to search engines and I work with a skilled SEO content writer who can really make a difference to your presence on the internet

There is never a one size fits all approach so I tailor my services to deliver the best value proposition.

I can commit to:

  • Managing your expectations and keeping you up to speed with progress
  • Keeping within your budget and your time frames
  • Honesty and integrity: if I don’t have the solution for you, I can recommend an ideal alternative consultant or supplier
  • Excellent communication
  • Jargon-free language
  • Keeping up to speed with the latest, best value products and services on your behalf

Why choose Webb Dev?

I Pay Attention to Your Business

Although technically your website is a series of linked together pages on the internet, it’s much more than that: it’s a business asset that supports your business objectives and your revenue goals.

It’s a cliché but I see the bigger picture when putting your website together, setting up your IT infrastructure or building a database. Everything I provide drives your business forward.

I’m Not Just A Website Designer, Database Specialist or IT Support Consultant

I offer all of these services, a combination thereof, or specific elements. I won’t need to speak to your website designer on your behalf if I’m helping you set up your networks: I can do both.

You won’t need to speak to a separate SEO and website specialist either.

See how this works?

I Don’t Panic and I Don’t Speak Jargon

If your systems have had a melt down, you may not be at your most calm. When things don’t work, your business is less than productive, which isn’t great. Don’t worry, I’ll fix everything for you without fuss or panic. I’m at the end of a phone or I can solve issues on-site.

I promise never to blind you with science, either. Confusing a client with teccie speak is just rude!

I Know What I’m Doing

At the risk of being immodest, I know a lot of technical, website and IT stuff. I actually like these sorts of things; it interests me. This means that I have the skills and knowledge that your business needs.

I’m Strategic

Your website and your IT infrastructure. It’s just part of your overall business development process and should underpin your marketing and sales. I can offer you strategic advice on how to develop your website or your technology so that it works as hard as you do.

I Do The Research Your Business Needs

I like to do a lot of research on your behalf (see point no.4). This keeps me up to speed with what works, what’s a waste of money and what makes a difference to your business.

I Can Manage Your Expectations

If I say I’ll deliver you a website by a certain date, that’s when you’ll have it. If I promise to amend certain pages or make changes, it will be completed within our agreed time frames and your budget. That is all.

That’s me, what about you?  Contact me to discuss your needs and we’ll get started.