Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation, in its clearest definition, is a way of making a website visible to search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. A visible site is one that appears high up in the list of results returned by search engines. As a result, your future customers find your website easily.

Your website is your shop window so people need to find you. SEO creates an open door to your business and is a powerful marketing tool that works 24 hours a day to generate enquiries. Did you know that your target market actually wants to spend money with you? Wouldn’t you prefer that they found your business on-line, rather than your competitor’s?

Webb Dev offers legitimate, “white hat” services that encompass high quality, on-page SEO. There are no guarantees that I can get you onto page one of Google, or how quickly the world’s largest search engine will notice your website. However, I WILL make a difference that could help you boost your business sales.

SEO is about:

  1. Excellent quality, original content (see Copy and Web Content Writing Services)
  2. A clearly laid out, easy to navigate website
  3. Legitimate on-page SEO

All three elements work together. However, there’s a reason that content writing is no. 1. Click on the above link to find out more.

Google is a strict task master. Previous dodgy SEO techniques that used to work are now penalised. Google likes sites that are useful, shareable and user-friendly. It notices websites with higher numbers of visitors who engage with several pages. It approves of regularly refreshed content. It likes websites that respect how it ranks them, it’s as simple – or as complex – as that.

As a web developer and SEO specialist, I know and respect how search engines are ranking websites.

Without SEO, a website without good quality SEO is a car going nowhere. It has no petrol and no car key. It just sits on the drive, slowly degrading. It becomes increasingly obvious that the funds you invested in getting it designed and launched were wasted.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Would you like more website enquiries? Does your website make search engines happy? If not, contact me today and we’ll get started.